The Watchman by Christopher Kenworthy

The Watchman by Christopher Kenworthy
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 346 KB

The Varcus plateau is being invaded.
Aldric’s wife has been brutally murdered, their land pillaged. Being a watchman for Duke Carles, Aldric knows that this is only the beginning.
The Horse Horde is on the move. Consisting of tens of thousands of warriors, this threat is by far the greatest the watchman has seen. They are heading for the capital, Matravers, where the Duke is residing with his troops.
However, the Horde are merely mercenaries. This attack is orchestrated by two very influential people, each with their
own agendas.
Crotalus, the Captain General of the Regiment wishes to overthrow the Duke and take his place.
Chindit, a Shaman with a lust for power, desires the Black Grimoire. A book with the power to summon the dead.
Even if he can warn the Duke, can his troops survive the vast numbers of the Horde?
Finding some unusual allies along the way, Aldric is determined to reach the Duke and hinder the progress of the Horde using any means possible.
But will it be enough?
Or will his efforts be in vain…

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