Lake Morality by Dawn Lee McKenna

Lake Morality by Dawn Lee McKenna
English | 2018 | Mystery & Suspense | ePUB | 523 KB

People get up to all kinds of mischief out at Lake Morality.
When Kristen Morgan abandoned her baby girl in a locked car, Lt. Maggie Redmond was angry. Though the baby was uninjured, things could have been much worse.
When the mother’s body is found two days later, in a lake far outside town on the road to the county prison, Maggie suddenly has more than child endangerment or a missing person on her hands.
Kristen Morgan’s family and doctor say that she was depressed and possibly not taking her medication, and that she’d talked about suicide in the past, but Maggie and her fiancé, former Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton, aren’t convinced.
When evidence of homicide surfaces, Maggie must discover who wanted a young mother dead, and why.

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