Kingsbane by T.L. Branson

Kingsbane by T.L. Branson
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 272 KB

Some things aren’t meant to be found.
Ocken’s life has been a constant battle for survival, from the harsh desert lands of his youth to his service as one of Sunbury’s royal guard, sworn to protect the king.

Khate is a woman shrouded in mystery. Rumors abound that she’s the king’s personal assassin and she’s all too happy to spread them. The only companions she desires are her blades.

When pregnancy complications threaten to take the life of Sunbury’s queen, the king embarks on a impossible quest to obtain a legendary stone rumored to have the power to heal any malady. As loyal servants to the crown, Ocken and Khate find themselves on a harrowing adventure fraught with pain and destruction.

Each day that passes is one less for the queen’s survival. Time is running out. Will they find the stone before it’s too late and at what cost?

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