Arrows of Ladis by RG Long

Arrows of Ladis by RG Long (Legends of Gilia #7)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 241 KB

Exploring the wrong island lands Ealrin, Blume and the others in the custody of a harsh theocracy. One whose ancient religion believes that those who speak to the elements through Rimstone should be put to death.
Which makes Blume’s inability to control her magic a hazard in an already dangerous land.
Now loose in the dense jungles of Ladis, Ealrin finds that it’s no longer his past that haunts their party. It’s Holve’s. An invading army, wishing to challenge the aged theocracy, has set its sight on the old general, hoping to settle a score from the the wars of its past.
And if all that weren’t enough, an ancient threat has crawled out from the mountains under which it hid for years.

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