Anti-Inflammatory Recipes: The Complete Guide by David Colombo

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes: The Complete Guide by David Colombo
English | 2018 | Food & Cooking | ePUB | 702 KB

Joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, allergies and asthma are all too often causing problems to modern humans, as they take a toll on their daily activities.
You are definitely aware of the pain, stress and discomfort related with these modern plagues. What you may not know, however, is that they are possibly due to inflammation.
Delving Into Inflammation
As a natural healing process, inflammation is the body’s ability to initiate healing after injury, infection or operation by raising its temperature.
Besides, inflammation can be also triggered by our unhealthy eating habits, the frequent consumption of fat, processed food and sweets, which, except for affecting our figure, are also harmful for health.

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